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Yudong silica is specialized in production of high quality silica gel. With advanced process, wide product line and stable quality, we can meet demands for silica gel from various industries. Our product line includes base silica gel, chromatography SG, silica-alumina gel, water-proofing SG and micronized silica. Pore volume of our silica is from 0.3 ml/g to 2.0 ml/g. For each grade, there are both granular and bead particles available. In addition, w e have developed a series of silica functional additives which provide value enhancement in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications, such as free-flow agent, carrier, toothpaste abrasive, processing aid and stabilization of edible oils and beverage, matting agent, anti-blocking agent, moisture scavenger, etc. Our silica products provide effectively high performance experience to our customers.



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